Ipswich councillor Paul Tully has called for the Federal Government to bypass the state and legislate for daylight saving in Queensland.

The change to summer time caused havoc for iPhone users who awoke to find their technology was an hour ahead of them.

Letisha Willocks reports.

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As the southern states wound the clock forward yesterday Queensland iPhone users woke up confused.

The majority of iPhones automatically switched to daylight-saving time.

Vox 1: “Oh my god, it stuffed a few things up, it’s like oh my god I’m late, no I’m not, yes I am, yeah it wasn’t the best thing.”

Vox 2: “I was in Victoria at the time so it did, but I think it happened to a few Queenslanders as well, I think it’s a sign.”

It marked the start of the debate which rages every year whether Queensland should align itself with its southern counterparts.

Ipswich councillor Paul Tully says it’s ridiculous we still haven’t made the switch especially in South-east Queensland.

Coun Paul Tully, Ipswich Councillor: “It’s an absolute joke being on a different time zone from the southern states, it causes a lot of problems.”

He says it makes sense for the Federal Government to take control because the state is refusing to recognise the majority of people, who support daylight saving.

Queensland hasn’t had a referendum on daylight saving since 1992 .. despite a survey earlier this year which found 67 percent of people in South East Queensland wanted one.

The transport minister again dispelled any thoughts of introducing the scheme .. Saying it was up to the Federal Government to intervene if they wanted to.

Rachel Nolan, Qld Transport Minister: “The Queensland government has quite clearly said this is not something we are going to change.”

But daylight saving continues to be a hotly contested.

Vox 3: “Well I think it’s wonderful, I love daylight savings, yes I do.”

Vox 4 :”Ah no I don’t think so, I just moved up from New South Wales and I don’t miss it at all.”

Letisha Willocks, QUT News.