The Gold Coast is one step closer to hosting the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The Sri Lankan port town of Hambanton surprised officials by not making an opening presentation to the games committee on the weekend.

Clare Hunter reports.

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Anna Bligh’s address to the General Assembly in New Dehli was unanswered by Sri Lanka who are the Gold Coast’s only rivals.

The Gold Coast Lord Mayor Ron Clarke is hopeful yet modest that the tourist city will be home to the 2018 Games.

Ron Clarke, Gold Coast Mayor: “Still cross fingers I never get excited too early because there are so many things that can go astray, especially when your looking for a site for the games. I will jump for joy when I see a signature.”

Tourism Queensland says that if the tourist town is lucky to win, the area could really boom on an international level.

John Kaarsberg, Tourism Qld: “There is just a wide variety of experiences to be had here on the gold coast and people will understand and appreciate that from the exposure generated from a successful games bid.”

A lot of money will go towards bringing facilities up to Commonwealth Games standard with the State Government planning on spending up to 1 Billion dollars on infrastructure.

While the sunshine is clearly in the Gold Coast favour Mayor Ron Clarke says that China’s Support of Sri Lanka may lose us the bid.

Ron Clarke, Gold Coast Mayor: “Sri Lanka are going to be hard to beat, because they are supported by China, they are putting a port there and you never know, China have a lot of influence.”

Despite these fears, Gold Coast locals are getting excited, welcoming the games to the city.

Vox 1: “It will be awesome, This place is awesome, really caters for tourists and really put us on the map.”

Vox 2: “I think its exactly what the gold coast needs, we have got the facilities we have got the infrastructure.”

Vox 3: “The gold coast will be a great place for the Commonwealth Games.”

However, they’ll have a long wait as the announcement for the 2018 Commonwealth Games venue won’t be made until November next year.

Clare Hunter, QUT News.