Charities across Queensland are to receive thousands of free Go Cards.

It’s hoped the initiative will help hundreds of volunteers and provide easier transport options for families with seriously ill children.

Sophie Barrington reports.

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For families with seriously-ill children, taking time out from the hospital is not a top priority.

But now the Queensland Government is giving 100,000 Go Cards to 330 charities around Queensland.

For families at the Ronald McDonald House it gives them an easy means to get away from the hospital, if only for a short time.

Marie Turner, Ronald McDonald House: “This will make an enormous difference for people to have outings which they haven’t been able to have in the past.”

It will be particularly helpful for families from regional Queensland who often don’t have access to transport.

Marie Turner, Ronald McDonald House: “Amongst other difficulties families have when they come here is that many arrive without transport they’ve come in an emergency situation.”

By providing ten dollars in credit, the government hopes it will be a start for those families.

Rachel Nolan, Qld Transport Minister: “If we can help them a little bit by giving them a free go-card and getting those people mobile then I think that’s a good way to help ordinary Queenslanders.”

For families the go-card is a small but important token providing easy transport and a chance to relax.

Caroline Bylebyl, Mother: “I feel that they’ve done plenty enough for us and we’re absolutely grateful.”

Sophie Barrington, QUT News.