Members of the Australian swim team and athletics team arrived in Delhi, today, despite new concerns over safety and health.

With just four days from the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, the Australian Government has upgraded travel warnings to high alert.

Paige Ross reports.

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Security concerns haven’t deterred Australians from competing in the Commonwealth Games as the 52-strong dolphin swimming team followed by two dozen track and field athletes, landed in Delhi today.

Arrivals included the likes of swimmers Geoff Huegill, Eamon Sullivan and Emily Seebohm.

Surrounded by armed security guards and officials, the athletes were immediately ushered onto busses in small groups to be transported to the village.

Anna Meares, Cyclist: “It was something that actually made us feel a lot more comfortable from that journey from the airport to the venues.”

Despite the travel warning upgrade, athletes remain positive about the state of the Games.

Steve Hooker, Pole Vaulter: “I haven’t heard anyone talking about having the jitters on our team. I just think everyone’s just genuinely excited to be here. We are looking forward to getting to the village and getting settled in.”

Games officials and coaches are prepared for athletes to re-think their commitment to the Games but say they’re confident no one else will pull out.

Leigh Nugent, Head Swimming Coach: “There’s been concerns right before we came, right to when we were here but not enough to stop us from coming.”

The Australian contingent is the largest to arrive so far and will be joined by hundreds more over the next day or so.

Paige Ross, QUT News.