A local councillor is pushing for a controversial plan to ease congestion by opening up Brisbane’s ‘Green Bridge’ to regular traffic.

The idea has received a mixed response amid plans for a new bridge to connect the city’s inner suburbs.

Andrew Keyte reports.

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Could this be peak hour on Brisbane’s major ‘Green Bridge’?

The Eleanor Schonell Bridge carries hundreds of pedestrians, cyclists and buses every day.

The State Government wants to ease traffic congestion in St Lucia, but some believe there’s an alternative to building another bridge.

Coun Nicole Johnston, Tennyson Ward: “I’d certainly like to see Council and the State Government trial peak hour private vehicle usage on the Eleanor Schonell Bridge.”

She says a traffic trial is the best way to monitor how effective the plan could work.

Coun Nicole Johnston, Tennyson Ward: “We rely on people’s goodwill and good behaviour and there are enforcement measures in place by the police if you do the wrong thing.”

So how do locals feel.

Vox 1: “Oohh, gosh, I thought it was supposed to be a Green Bridge.”

Vox 2: “I can’t see how it’d hurt.”

Vox 3: “Yeah sure, why not?”

Vox 4: “I hope not.”

Vox 5: “I don’t really have a problem.”

Vox 6: “I wouldn’t support it.”

And Deputy Mayor Graham Quirk is also convinced a trial of cars on the bridge isn’t feasible.

One of the other ideas is to extend City Cat services and the State Government has announced a new $5-million terminal at Eagle Farm.

It will be built on MacArthur avenue and be operational from early 2012.

Andrew Keyte, QUT News.