Ninety two members of the YMCA youth parliament have taken over the Queensland political headquarters.

Representatives aged 15 to 25 from each of Queensland’s 89 state electorates debated policy issues relating to young people.

Paige Ross reports.

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The future of politics is in good hands judging by the intense debate on show at Parliament house today.

Aspiring politicians came head to head on issues including the school curriculum, obesity, agriculture, daylight saving and the controversial issue of women serving in the front line.

Louis Paul Franks, YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament coordinator: “I think the Government needs to take an active role understanding that young people are going to deal with these issues and they need to actually invest in young people and get young people engaged in the political process.”

Government MPs and officials were also there to pass on some of their experience to the political rookies.

Karen Struthers, Qld Community Services Minister: “We’ve got to actually reward young people for their efforts and encourage them to have their say and youth Parliament is one of those very important opportunities.”

Members of the YMCA youth Parliament have mixed opinions over the Bligh Government but agree more should be done to include the needs of young people.

Vox 1: “I think that needs to be extended to upskilling young people who don’t want to go to uni.”

Vox 2: “It’s not more about Government telling young people what they need but young people telling Government what they need.”

Vox 3: “Economic development, job opportunities and training are really important for our people to succeed.”

On Friday the members of the YMCA youth Parliament will again come together to battle it out on the issue of whether Queensland should be split into two states.

Paige Ross QUT News.