Hundreds of Police Officers lined the streets of Brisbane today for the National Police Remembrance Parade.

Police say it’s the most important day on their calendar a time to remember fallen comrades.

Caitlin Adams reports.

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Police officers were joined by family, friends and official guests today as they remembered their loved ones and colleagues.

The march began at Police Headquarters attracting many on lookers as it worked its way through to St Stephen’s Cathedral.

Police Commssioner, Bob Atkinson says today is one of the biggest days of the year for the Queensland Police Force.

Bob Atkinson, Qld Police Commissioner: “What is critical and essential is that we never forget these people, these police officers, who in providing safety and security for the people of Queensland have sacrificed their own lives.”

Sandra Lena lost her daughter Sondra, in 1992 after she was hit by a car while searching for an escaped prisoner.

Sandra Lena, Mother of deceased Police Officer: “All the families remember their beautiful family, their sisters and their brothers and that’s what today is about, remembering.”

Since 1861 the Queensland Police Force have lost 137 men and women in the line of duty. Many police officers, family and friends say it’s an important day to recognise.

Shirley Kidd, Mother of deceased Police Officer: “I think it’s very, very important. And it’s support for the serving officers as well, and they need our support.”

Police Officers, family and friends laid wreaths in remembrance of those who have lost their lives.

Today’s service helps ensure they won’t be forgotten.

Caitlin Adams, QUT News.