The Prime Minister began the day by denying claims that two of her frontbenchers threatened to resign before her Ministry was announced.

The suggestions came as Federal Parliament returned to debate and its first question time since the election.

Erin Gregor reports.

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Speaker of the House, Harry Jenkins, retained his position and he quickly discovered he’ll have his hands full with the hung parliament.

Ms Gillard under attack from the start.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “I refer to that statement before the election “I rule out a carbon tax” and I ask the Prime Minister why she has broken her election promise.”

But the Prime Minister was up to the task as she encouraged co-operation from the Opposition Leader.

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister: “He would need to acknowledge climate change is real. Please consider the possibility of being a builder, not a wrecker in this parliament.”

Even though today is the Prime Minister’s 49th Birthday she wasn’t expecting any presents from Tony Abbott.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “Birthdays come and go but you’re expected to do a job and that’s what I’ll be expecting of the Prime Minister today.”

Late yesterday, Queensland Liberal MP Peter Slipper was elected Deputy Speaker but denied any backroom deals or a potential switch to Labor.

Kevin Thomson, Labor Backbencher: “I think it’s now officially be kind to Peter Slipper week. How long be kind to Peter Slipper week lasts, I’m not sure.”

The Sunshine Coast’s other representative was less than pleased about the appointment.

Alex Somlyay, Liberal Backbencher: “I don’t think he did do it honourably or in a dignified way.”

Mr Somlyay attempted to broker a similar deal for himself but pulled out last week.

Erin Gregor, QUT News.