Queensland Health workers today rejected the Government’s latest pay offer and voted to escalate industrial action.

In rallies around the state, workers took their message to the streets calling for equality amongst all government employees.

Paul Smeaton reports.

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P.A. Hospital workers rallied today after labelling the Government’s latest pay offer as “disrespectful”.

Queensland Public Sector Union representatives have accused the Government of go slow tactics during the long running negotiations.

Sean Waugh, Lead Organiser QPSU: “They’re simply just dragging the chain on negotiations, we’ve been ready, we’ve been negotiating for months and they’re simply just coming back too late with some kind of offer that is just not going to cut it with members they know that.”

The rallies have been planned to coincide with members lunch hours to ensure patient care isn’t affected.

The QPSU says Queensland Health’s offer of a 2.5 per cent annual payrise is an insult to workers.

Premier Anna Bligh spent the day working the check out at a Brisbane Coles store as part of the Government’s “Walk a day in my shoes” scheme.

Ms Bligh said recent commitments of 4 per cent increases for other government workers was no longer possible in the current economic climate.

Anna Bligh, QLD Premier: “We’re now in a different wage setting environment, going forward we will see everybody in the new wage framework, it’s a slightly less wage outcome.”

Union representatives said work stoppages would be the most logical next step if the government continued to avoid negotiations.

Paul Smeaton, QUT News.