Brisbane Roar’s Matt McKay has been named in the Socceroos side that will take on Paraguay next month.

It’ll be McKay’s fifth game with the Australian team.

Erin Gregor reports.

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Matt McKay wasn’t expecting a place in the Socceroos side, but it’s exciting news for the Roar Captain.

Matt McKay, Roar Captain: “Obviously it’s a bit of a surprise but with the guys that are coming back it’s a fairly full strength side so I’m glad to have an opportunity and obviously want to make the most of it.”

While McKay has played with the Socceroos before, he’s excited about playing alongside some of the greats from Europe who he’s yet to meet.

Socceroos coach Holger Osieck said he’d pay attention to the A-League and he’s living up to his word.

Holger Osieck, Socceroos Coach: “Matt McKay, from Brisbane, he impressed me on the visit of the game that I saw and therefore I think he deservers a chance to be included.”

Six A-League players will get a start in the game, all hoping the Paraguay friendly will be their golden ticket to the Asian Cup.

Matt McKay, Roar Captain: “I’d love to be a part of that. I’ll keep working hard with my club and do well this week and hopefully there’ll be some opportunities there.”

McKay’s contract with the Roar is due to end this year, but he wouldn’t confirm whether he’ll be staying with the A-League or making the move to Europe.

Matt McKay, Roar Captain: “Everyone’s got ambitions to play overseas, I’m no different. I’ve had my stint in China and I really enjoyed it and would love to have another opportunity later.”

In the meantime, McKay’s focus is on the Roar’s match against Perth this weekend.

Erin Gregor, QUT News.