The possibilities of a further cross-river bridge in Brisbane has brought mixed reaction from residents of the two suburbs to be connected.

A meeting in Bulimba last night between residents and State Government officials was told a bridge linking Teneriffe and Bulimba would encourage growth in inner suburbs.

Amy Hutchinson reports.

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A bridge could rise thirteen to thirty metres above the surface of the River.

However most people were in favour of a pedestrian and cycle link rather than a multi-lane traffic structure.

The bridge would stretch approximately four hundred metres across from either Oxford or Brisbane Street in Bulimba to Commercial Road at Teneriffe.

Today residents remain divided in their support of the proposal.

Vox 1: “I suspect it’s probably a good thing for residents on the south side of the river because their roads are pretty horrendous.”

Vox 2: “I like catching the ferry sorry.”

Vox 3: “I think it would be a great idea actually.”

Vox 4: “It’s easier for us to come across here if there was such a bridge, than to go into the story bridge and then reconnect up here.”

Vox 5: “Probably not. I think the high traffic would change the tone of the neighbourhood. I think I probably wouldn’t.”

Minister for Infrastructure Stirling Hinchliffe says the cross-river bridge is at least 20 years away but the idea of a link between Bulimba and Teneriffe has been around since the 1920s.

The local State member, says she’s often asked by constituents about the possibility of a bridge to link the suburbs to ease congestion in fast growing areas.

Di Farmer, Member for Bulimba: “I wrote to local residents about it around a month ago and I’ve had people sending in plans that were drawn up in 1925, in fact before the city of Brisbane was even created.”

However one local has an interesting alternative.

Vickey Wallington, Resident and local worker: “I think there’s another alternative. I think the cost of that they would expend on building that cross river bridge they could either subsidise or provide the ferry service free of charge and just extend the times the ferry service is available.”

But Di Farmer believes the bridge is a “concrete” option in the Blueprint up for community discussion.

Amy Hutchinson, QUT News.