The State Government has unveiled a ten year plan to support disabled Queenslanders.

It will allocate more than one billion dollars to disability services in the next ten years, after consulting with community groups.

Sophie Barrington reports.

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Local community members met in Caboolture today to discuss the ten Year Plan For Supporting Queenslanders with a Disability.

It was an opportunity for those affected to voice their concerns and priorities to government.

Kay Maclean, Sunshine Coast Regional Disability Council: “They’re not the ones on the ground they don’t see the issues on an everyday basis they don’t live the issues.”

The 10 Year Plan builds on the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

It aims to create more inclusive and accessible communities in Queensland.

The top priorities are early intervention, moving young people out of aged care and providing support to parents with grown children who are disabled.

The challenge is providing adequate services to the state’s different regions From Longreach to the Sunshine Coast.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Disability Services Minister: “So we are out there listening to communities and we want to deliver specifically to those communities after the consultations.”

The Queensland Government will host three more consultations before releasing the plan which will be reviewed every three years.

So far, one hundred and thirty young people have been moved from aged care into more appropriate facilities …. The minister says it’s just the start.

Sophie Barrington, QUT News.