The Premier was forced to deny today there’s only one bidder for the Port of Brisbane in the Government’s controversial assets sales.

Opposition leader John Paul Langbroek says the Premier has kept Queenslanders in the dark about how many buyers are now willing to purchase it.

Amy Hutchinson reports.

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It was an “on message” Premier today announcing three new planned communities designed to relieve population pressures in the south east.

But it was the Opposition Leader who stole the spotlight after weekend revelations the Premier kept Queenslanders in the dark about the Port of Brisbane sale.

He’s accused the Premier of not revealing how many bidders remain in the last stage saying there’s only one consortium left vying for the Port.

John Paul Langbroek, Opposition Leader: “Very clearly they’ve botched the sale process, it will be bad for QLD and bad for business, and the government have never made the case for the sale of the port.”

The price tag has now been reduced to $2 billion from the original $3.5 billion a more “realistic” sum for the bustling cargo port.

Mr Langbroek labelled it a “fire sale” and the actions of a Government in crisis.

Mr Langbroek said it was the worst possible time for QLD to have the sale of the Port of Brisbane, and called for Premier Bligh to come clean about just how many bidders now remain.

Anna Bligh hit back saying the Opposition leader took his information from a newspaper gossip column.

Anna Bligh QLD Premier: “It is completely without any basis, there are multiple bidders in this race, and Mr Langbroek again is wrong, again shows he knows nothing.”

The Government hopes the sale will be finalised by the end of the year.

Amy Hutchinson, QUT News.