Politicians have descended on Canberra, preparing for tomorrow’s opening session of the 43rd Federal Australian Parliament.

But controversies surrounding the new term have still to be laid to rest.

Rebecca Forsyth reports.

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Following weeks of well-publicised bickering, most MPs are keen to just get on with it.

Vox 1: “Absolutely, its going to be a cracker isn’t it?..Get on, hang on.”

Vox 2: “Definitely looking forward to the new Parliament, we’re all excited to be back.”

Optimism abounded, as some politicians heralded the dawn of a new political age.

Vox 3: “I think it’s blindingly obvious that the 43rd parliament won’t be a rubber stamp for the executive.”

Christopher Pyne, Manager of Opposition Business: “The way people have understood parliament in the past is going to be completely turned on its head.”

But tensions remain.

The Coalition, has had another eleventh hour change of heart, on their promise to pair the Speaker during voting.

While effectively reducing the Labor majority to one.

The opposition claims it will work towards a profitable and effective Parliament.

Ian Macfarlane, Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources: “I certainly want to see the Parliament work.”

The Climate Change Minister is unconvinced.

Greg Combet, Climate Change Minister: “People in the community will start to see what Tony Abbott is really like. he’s a wrecker he’s not a builder.”

But there’s one thing no-one seems to dispute – we live in interesting times.

Vox 4: “Lovely day for it whatever it is.”

Rebecca Forsyth, QUT News.