Police have praised the success of a blitz on Coolangatta streets over the weekend.

Extra officers took part in Operation Cleanout which aimed to stamp out a growing number of drug and alcohol-related incidents in the area.

Andrew Keyte reports.

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Coolangatta police made multiple arrests over the weekend with increased numbers patrolling the CBD on Friday and Saturday nights targeting disorderly behaviour, liquor licensing issues, alcohol consumption and violence.

Acting Inspector Chris Ahearn: “We saw 27 people arrested on 28 charges which ranged from drug offences to public nuisance, urinating in public, disobeying police directions.”

Police also issued 24 liquor infringements.

But they were happy to report there were no arrests for violence or assaults, and no minors were arrested.

Police want Operation Cleanout to clean up Coolangatta’s reputation as a violent hotspot.

Acting Inspector Chris Ahearn: “We’re extremely mindful of that public perception and that’s the reason why we staged this action over the weekend.”

In order to minimise the risk of alcohol fuelled violence, some pubs have made changes. Such as turning their nightclubs into a wine bar.

Mick Fabris, Coolangatta Sands Hotel Venue Manager: “Used to be hooliganism between young people in the area but we’ve seen that improve over the last 12 months with the assistance of police.”

Operation Cleanout is the first of many planned crackdowns throughout the summer as Coolangatta prepares for more long days and hot nights.

Andrew Keyte, QUT News.