It’s back to basics for Collingwood and St Kilda as they prepare to face off again in a Grand Final replay this weekend.

The AFL is set to heed a call from players to give them a greater slice of the revenue from the blockbuster.

Paul Smeaton reports.

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The AFL is set to pocket up to $20 million from the Grand Final replay.

AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou says the clubs and players will be fairly compensated.

Andrew Demetriou, AFL CEO: “Certainly the clubs are out of pocket because they’ve had to cancel functions, there’s been best and fairest and the like and trips and cancellation fees and the like, so we’re receiving all that information at the moment and we’ll process all that.”

Demetriou says there will be no draw the second time around.

Andrew Demetriou, AFL CEO: “There will be five minute halves for both teams and whoever is in front at the end of those ten minutes will win.”

Questions have arisen about how players will be rewarded if they miss the replay through injury.

Collingwood captain Nick Maxwell has a unique suggestion.

Nick Maxwell, Colligwood Captain: “Anyone who plays one game in the whole season should get a medal.”

The AFL is calling the replay” the peoples game” with up to 40,000 additional tickets being made available to members of St Kilda and Collingwood.

Despite this goodwill many fans feel they have been let down and are unsure about returning again next week.

Vox 1: “It’s cost my husband and I fifteen hundred dollars to see this and then we have to pay the same next week I don’t know.”

Western Australian Kym Gilbert has decided to extend his vacation and spend the week in Melbourne

Vox 2: “It’s just something that you can’t possibly imagine missing.”

The week may be free of the traditional street parade and many grand final week functions but some AFL fans will just be pleased they get to do it all again.

Paul Smeaton, QUT News.