India officials are now on 48 hour’s notice to sort out the growing crisis at the Commonwealth Games site in Delhi.

In the latest drama part of a ceiling collapsed at the weight lifting venue adding to existing safety and security concerns.

One Australian athlete has already pulled out but all that isn’t deterring the Australian weightlifting team.

Dominique Wiehahn reports.

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As the opening ceremony nears, building is no where near complete. But 2006 Commonwealth gold medalist Ben Turner is packing ready for Delhi.

Like the rest of the weightlifting team, he’s put his life on hold for these games and he’s leaving next Wednesday.

Ben Turner, Australian Weightlifting Team: “The only thing that will stop me going is if we are told we physically aren’t allowed to. So one way or another I’ll be over in Delhi. We leave in six days time.”

Despite the latest fiascoes, Ben’s confident with security arrangements for athletes and is excited about the games.

The Commonwealth Games are the premiere event for Australian weightlifting so athletes are determined not to miss the chance at medal glory.

But public opinion is divided on whether or not athletes should go.

Vox 1: “I think it’s an individual choice.”

Vox 2: “Yeah they should definitely go to Delhi.”

Vox 3: “Yeah no I don’t think they should go I think it’s really unsafe.”

Swimming world champion Christian Sprenger’s mum Sharon says her son is also keen attend.

But he has asked her not to go with him because he would worry about her.

Sharon Sprenger, Christian Sprenger’s Mum: “They know what they’re heading off to, they know the risks, so I hope that they do all come home safely.”

This afternoon Prime Minister Julia Gillard confirmed ramping up the number of Australian security officials sent to India.

She says the rest is up to the individual.

Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister: “This is a free country where Australians make their own decisions about where they travel to. What we seek to do is provide the best possible information.”

But for Ben Turner, he’s got his sights firmly set on a another gold medal.

Dominique Wiehahn, QUT News.