It’s not cigars or classic American cars coming from Cuba this week but the country’s world renown National Ballet.

Organisers are hoping the company’s performance of Don Quixote will bring a taste of Havana to Brisbane.

Matthew Blowes reports.

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Colourful costumes and vibrant displays can be expected from the Cuban National Ballet’s best performers.

Viengsay Valdes, Premier Dancer: “I forgot about the technique, the ballet technique. I just want to try be explosive on stage.”

Although originally written in Spain, performances of the tale base themselves off the Russian adaptation written in the eighteen hundreds.

The Cuban Ballet hopes to change this tradition.

Salvador Fernandez, Technical Director: “We have always thought we should do a more Latin or Spanish Don Quixote and I think we have succeed.”

Despite the continuing embargo placed on the country by the United States they’ve been able to perform in cities such as New York and Paris.

The Ballet Nacional de Cuba began over 50 years ago but have only recently spread their passion around the world.

They’re quickly becoming one of the world’s foremost ballet companies with more than fifty performances in the last decade.

The National Ballet of Cuba can be seen performing Don Quixote from tomorrow night until October 3rd.

Matthew Blowes, QUT News.