As part of Sea World’s dolphin breeding program, first-time mum Zippa has proven against the odds that dolphins can successfully breed in captivity.

Earlier this month the park welcomed a yet to be named baby dolphin and today it was showing off to the public for the first time.

Jo-Anne Wriede reports.

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It’s the third calf born at Sea World this year, and she’s making great progress.

Trainers anticipated how ten-year-old mum Zippa would behave, after she’d already witnessed other births and helped baby sit.

One of the parks trainers said captive births are pretty much similar to those in the wild.

Erin King, Marine Mammal Trainer: “We haven’t witnessed that, I daresay it would probably be the same, they still do have the same hormones and the boys do get just as crazy as they do out in the wild.”

The calf will be part of Sea World’s interactive team to educate children on marine conservation and has already taken the interests of many.

Vox 1: “Oh she’s gorgeous.”

Vox 2: “I think they should just be left alone, personally.”

Still under mum’s security blanket, the baby dolphin is honing her senses and within five to six months will begin her training.

The new born can be expected to be named next week as a nationwide competition urges the public to get creative. Just visit Sea World’s website for more information.

Jo-Anne Wriede, QUT News.