To go or not to go to Delhi it’s a heartbreaking decision for athletes and their loved ones.

Two Brisbane families have agonised over weighing up safety and missing the Games.

Karin Adam reports.

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Christian Sprenger is a breaststroke world champion and insists the trouble in Delhi isn’t going to stop his quest for a Commonwealth Gold Medal.

Christian Sprenger, Swimming World Champion: “I still have a lot of hopes and dreams and a lot of goals to achieve at this Commonwealth Games. You know, everything set aside, I still really want to compete.”

And he’s not alone.

Damon Kelly, Commonweath Games Weightlifting Silver Medallist: “I know there’s been concerns about safety but I’m not too worried about that. The Government has been keeping an eye on it and they haven’t told us not to go yet.”

And his Mum and Dad will join him, but say it’s an individual choice for each family.

Diane Kelly, Athlete’s Mother: “We go because we love Damon and we follow him. We followed him to Beijing and we’ll follow him to India.”

But Christian’s mum won’t be travelling and feels frightened after recent media reports of lax security.

Sharon Sprenger, Athlete’s Mother: “Now that’s really put a little bit of a spook up me, awful really when you think about it.”

She says athletes’ families know the risks in going and offers this.

Sharon Sprenger, Athlete’s Mother: “God’s Speed.”

One thing’s for sure athletes and their families will be keeping a close eye on news reports from India over the next few days.

Karin Adam, QUT News.