One of Australia’s top medal hopes has pulled out of the Delhi Commonwealth Games over safety concerns.

Discus star Dani Samuels is the first Australian athlete to withdraw from the Aussie team but officials believe more could follow.

Letisha Willocks reports.

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The world champion calls it the hardest decision of her life announcing last night she was pulling out of the games concerned over security, health and hygiene.

One of our major medal hopes the 22 year-old said it was an individual choice but her family have already expressed their relief.

Jamie Samuels, Dani’s sister: “We’d never say not go but, um, when she said we were like ha ok we feel better we feel better.”

But the Federal Sports Minister says he’s happy with the safety measures in place for now.

Mark Arbib, Federal Sports Minister: “The decision to travel is a decision for individuals to make, what we’re urging all athletes and also members of the public looking to travel get onto the Department of Foreign Affairs website.”

Meeting with UN officials in New York, Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd says he currently has no major concerns for Australian athletes.

Kevin Rudd, Foreign Minister: “It’s important for all Australians to pay close attention to the travel advisory which has been issues by foreign affairs.”

Current travel advice from the department of foreign affairs states;

“We advise travellers who are attending the games to register their travel and contact details in advance of their trip.

Pay close attention to your personal security at all times and monitor the media for information about possible new safety or security risks”.

The build-up to the games has been fraught with concern and Australian officials are worried that Dani Samuels may open the flood gates and become the first of many athletes to withdraw.

Letisha Willocks, QUT News.