Computer games designers say when it comes to making games, you can do it yourself.

At the World Computer Congress’s Play IT workshops, students were encouraged to cash in on the rapidly growing industry.

Alexandra Atanasov reports.

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The gaming industry is worth billions, but changes in the field suggest individuals have plenty to gain if they decide to go it alone.

Morgan Taffit, Games Designer: “It’s hard to get nailed down exactly what the numbers are, but I know quite a few independent developers who have made their way to millions.”

Industry experts are eager to dispel the myth that there are no jobs as a game designer.

Laura Daniels, Chair of Play IT: “It’s changing, it’s more about creating games for the iPhone, for Facebook, all that sort of thing, so it’s no longer developing a game for a large company.”

Vox 1: “It is possible for a single person to turn out a commercial quality game now.”

As the development software becomes better, it is easier than ever to create your own games.. But being an independent designer has the same pitfalls as running a small business.

Morgan Taffit, Games Designer: “You’ve got to be prepared to do your own marketing, your own business, your own promotions, and work out all of those elements on your own.”

But the rewards can be significant.

Milenko Tunjic, Games Concept Artist: “An awesome example now, are games that have been made by two people in two weeks making hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Experts suggest doing a games designing course to learn the trade.

Alexandra Atanasov, QUT News.