Tensions are running high at the Villawood Detention Centre with a group of asylum seeking protesters now threatening to jump off the roof if their demands aren’t met immediately.

The protestors claim their lives will be in danger if they’re returned to their home land.

Grace Duckham reports.

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Eleven men who remain on the roof of the Sydney detention centre say they are prepared to take their own lives if their applications for asylum aren’t reviewed.

It’s been a 24 hour stand-off with the men refusing all offers of food and water.

The protesters, mostly Tamils, believe they’ll be killed if they return to their homelands.

Jamal Daoud, Social Justice Network: “One year in detention and the minister a few days ago said we will deport you but these people coming from unstable countries, they would prefer to die here.”

That freedom message is supposedly smeared with blood and yesterday morning 36-year-old Fijian man, Josefa Naulini did jump to his death.

His death has led to widespread outcry within the Fijian community, with Mr Naulini’s family’s demanding answers.

Samisoni Bolatagici, Naulini Family Spokesman: “They are still in limbo about the real cause of death and what really happened there in the detention centre.”

Tonight the stand off continues.

Grace Duckham, QUT News.