Queensland’s eastern seaboard continues to be inundated by heavy falls of rain.

Northern regions are taking the brunt with record amounts for this month alone.

They come at the official beginning of the state’s “Storm Season” and the government and S-E-S are poised with plans to be ready for the worst.

Matthew Blowes reports.

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The heavens opened this week, but nothing like the rain that fell in November 2008.

Flooding caused major damage in the state’s south east but this year authorities claim they’ll be better prepared to react.

Neil Roberts, Qld Emergency Services Minister: “The early indications are we are looking at possibly more active cyclones up in the far north and more rainfall so again today is a timely reminder for communities all over Queensland to start preparing for the storm season.”

And if the bureau is right that could be sooner than later.

Geoff Doueal, Senior Forecaster BOM: “Looks like being out wettest September on record and considering September is usually our driest part of the year.”

The weather bureau says this year’s storm season has started early with this current system expected to last until the end of the week.

This season the Bureau of Meteorology will use an SMS alert system to warn the public before devastating storms arrive and the SES is continuing to conduct exercises across the state.

The NRMA and government are distributing a new advisory booklet across the state to help Queenslanders prepare for the storm season.

Frank Adler, NRMA Spokesperson: “And this year we are asking Queenslanders to think about how they can not only prepare their own households but their neighbours and local community.”

From tomorrow over 6,800 SES volunteers will be active to respond to storms and flooding across the state.

Matthew Blowes, QUT News.