To celebrate their 50th anniversary, the Queensland Ballet is giving the public a unique look into the history of the company.

The Keeping the Dream Alive exhibition opened today, showcasing costumes from past productions, photographs and videos from the museum’s archives.

Kate Boston reports.

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The exhibition takes a look back at the creative forces which have helped shape Australia’s first professional state ballet company.

It offers a colourful insight into the blood, sweat and tears that go into producing the perfect dance experience.

QPAC museum’s curator says the event will draw much needed attention to the cultural importance of the dance company.

Christopher Smith, QPAC Museum Curator: “So I think it’s sometimes easy to underestimate a local company and I think this is an opportunity to say this is an important company both locally and nationally.”

This floral net costume, from the ballet Flower Festival, was worn by a visiting Paris Opera Ballet dancer in the 2010 International Gala.

Christopher Smith, QPAC Museum Curator: “You can actually see the work that goes into creating these costumes and get a sense of what the dancers have to work with when they’re on stage.”

Some of the items on display are as old as 35 years including this one which was made in 1975.

The Queensland Ballet believes the costumes hold great significance for the company and its history.

Judith Anderson, Queensland Ballet General Manager: “They mean everything. There are so many memories tied up with these costumes, not only for the performers but for the people who created them.”

The exhibition will run until the 19th of February.

Kate Boston, QUT News.