The wet weather wasn’t stopping school holiday revellers as they flocked to Sea World for the opening of a brand new attraction.

The $6 million Castaway Bay adds a new dimension of fun, but it will come at a cost.

Alexandra Atanasov reports.

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The pirate themed park covers 8,000 square metres and is made up of three sections.

There’s the four storey sky fortress the five story sky climb and battleships, surrounded by 80 water canons.

Dianne Rigg, Director of Operations of Sea World: “So the kids can get the parents wet, the parents can get the kids wet and it’s a real family experience.”

As summer draws closer and the competition for the tourism dollar heats up, Sea World is confident the attraction will be a hit.

Dianne Rigg, Director of Operations of Sea World: “I think it will be very strong on the market, with Castaway Bay I think the appeal to the family market will really put us over the edge.”

Despite the recent spate of big thrill rides going up at rival theme parks, they’re certain that attractions like this are just as important.

Some of the fun will come at an extra cost though.

If you brave the sky climb you’ll pay an additional cost once you’re already in the park.

Dianne Rigg, Director of Operations for Sea World: “We’ve decided to apply the fee so that those that are really interested don’t have to wait as long.”

Vox 1: “So that additional $10 on top of it isn’t a lot of money really, it looks like a lot of fun actually.”

Vox 2: “Oh I’m a bit scared of heights so I don’t think I’d go on it.”

Alexandra Atanasov, QUT News.