The twenty-first World Computer Congress is being held in Brisbane this week with talks focusing closely on the National Broadband Network.

I.T. experts believe the NBN will drastically change the way Australians communicate and do business over the internet.

Michelle Thomas reports.

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Geeks and Technology Lovers converged on Brisbane’s Convention Centre today, marking the first day of the 21st World Computer Congress, which will cover everything from gaming to security software technology.

A popular talking point amongst delegates this year is Australia’s highly anticipated National Broadband Network, something the Australian Computer Society highly anticipates.

Anthony Wong, President of the Australian Computer Society: “I think the National Broadband will be the critical infrastructure for our future, not just for technology, but also for the progress and evolution of our IT business.”

Experts say the NBN’s development is vital for Australians to have fast broadband and connect with overseas industries.

Nick Tate, World Computer Congress Chairman: “If you want someone in Buderim to be able to participate in the Global Economy they’re going to need a network that supports participation in the Global Economy. That will be the NBN.”

Brisbane was chosen to host the Congress due to its growing presence within the industry.

The IT industry represents 70,000 jobs in Queensland alone. That’s more than the State’s Mining Industry.

The conference runs until Thursday.

Michelle Thomas QUT News.