Under Anna Bligh’s first roster for the “walk a day in my shoes” program, many of Queensland’s Labor MPs can be found tackling jobs far from their usual line of work.

Starting out in his new role, Minister for Health Paul Lucas, lent a hand as an occupational service officer at the Prince Charles Hospital in Chermside.

Jo-Anne Wriede reports.

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On his agenda today cleaning out trays and plates in the food services department of Prince Charles Hospital.

Already under fire for ignoring ministerial duties, Paul Lucas says hands on experience with real people is more important than pushing papers.

Paul Lucas, Qld Health Minister: “I spent four hours on Sunday doing paperwork, you learn a lot more here talking to real people like Janet who’s worked for us for thirty years.”

In the same boat was Mines Minister Stephen Robertson who become a shop assistant, at the Bunnings warehouse just down the street from his house.

He wanted to experience first hand how the Bunnings team works together to create a successful business.

But it’s not just about business.

Stephen Robertson, Qld Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Minister: “I think it is worthwhile it’s easy to be cynical, that’s the easiest thing to be when people think about these types of projects.”

However not everyone agrees, some believe politicians should stick to what they do best.

Vox 1: “It’s probably good pr to see what people are in the market place, in the work place are doing I suppose.”

Vox 2: “I think it’s a waste of time to be quite honest, it’s not the same, it’s like if I took his place in the Ministers office.”

The minister says the most important lesson he has learnt today is taking workplace health and safety issues and applying them into policy.

Minister for Transport Rachel Nolan joined meat processors at Ipswich Churchill Abattoir.

Rachel Nolan, Qld Transport Minister: “It’s nothing like politics at all, there’s no killing in politics as everyone knows.”

Jo-Anne Wriede QUT News.