Tight security surrounded the Australian cricket team’s arrival in India today.

It comes a day after gunmen ambushed a tourist bus in the capital New Delhi and just two weeks before the Commonwealth Games.

And in Australia there’s increased concern over the safety of Australia’s Games contingent with the Federal Government’s latest travel advisory calling for the continuation of a high degree of caution.

Matthew Blowes reports.

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The government stopped short of advising tourists to avoid travel to India but continues warning those attending the games to exercise extreme caution.

At least 14 terrorist attacks have been recorded in the city in the last decade.

Former Olympic gold medallist Shane Gould who was present at the 1972 Munich Olympics where 11 Israelis died following a terrorist attack raised her concerns.

Shane Gould, Former Olympian: “Going to an event and risking their lives, I think, is it worth it?”

Matt Welsh, Former Olympian: “If I was in that decision, I’m just glad I don’t have to make it but I’d definitely airing on the side of maybe not with all this new information.”

A Sydney based private security firm says there’s an 80 per cent chance of an attack from one of the 30 active terrorist groups in the city.

Dr Keith Suter, Foreign Affairs Analyst: “There are real risks there for people going and of course this is a very big high profile event and it’s just the type of event that attracts the terrorists.”

Perry Crosswhite, Australian Commonwealth Games Association Chief Executive: “What we’re telling our athletes look just be ready for anything.”

The New Delhi games run from October 3rd until the 20th.

Matthew Blowes, QUT News.