Parking bays in Brisbane were taken over today by anything but parked cars.

It’s part of a global campaign to raise awareness over the need for more public urban spaces.

Rachel Claxton reports.

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Not a car in sight at these pay and display parking bays.

It’s all part of International Parking Day.

This annual event has now become a tool for artists, activists and ordinary people to demonstrate what they believe to be the communities needs.

UQ student: “We created the metaphor that the city was like a heart and the car was like cholesterol and the cholesterol was clogging up the heart.”

QUT student: “We’re thinking about bringing the community together so we’re thinking of activities that bring and we thought a photo booth concept is kind of fun.”

Parking rules are strictly adhered to, making for a positive relationship with the council.

Rebecca Stephens, Event Organiser: “The council is actually really supportive this year so there’s definitely I guess a bit of a partnership going on there which has been really successful so far.”

It all started in San Francisco back in 2005 and has spread over the years to more that 21 countries.

Brisbane’s parking day kicked off in 2007 with just one park, now, three years later it has more than sixty across the city.

The amount of parks set up across the city ranks Brisbane the third largest participator in the world.

Rachel Claxton, QUT News.