It may not have been realised by many but today has been Australian Citizenship Day.

And thousands of people have taken the opportunity to “officially” call Australia home.

Alicia Ng reports.

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It was the final step in their journey to becoming Aussies.

Today 3,600 people made their pledge of commitment in 68 ceremonies across the nation.

The emphasis, becoming part of their new country and community.

Sister Mary Stempko: “I think Australia has so much to offer and I think it’s important that if I’m living and working in a country to be a part of that country as much as possible.”

For our new citizens, today’s ceremony affirmed what they already felt.

Katleen Braet: “Over the years we’ve sort of slowly become Australia in heart. But now it’s actually on paper.”

Since citizenship has been introduced more than four million people have become Australians. In Queensland this represents half of the population.

Citizenship Day was first set aside nine years ago, as a time for all of us to reflect on the meaning of being a citizen of Australia.

Alicia Ng, QUT News.