The State Government has revealed new plans to stamp out community violence.

A program to help young people and families is being expanded to the Brisbane Central and West Districts.

Sinead Butler reports.

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Since it’s inception in 2006, The Coordinated Response to Young People at Risk – or CRYPAR – has reduced police work loads, community violence and enhanced public safety.

The award winning program brings together Police and community agencies to prevent criminal behaviour in at-risk-youths.

To date, Police have referred over 3000 youths to community agencies.

Neil Roberts, Police and Emergency Services Minister: “The early indications are that it’s been very successful. Two thirds of people not re-offending, over 70 per cent of people not going missing again. They’re very very significant.”

The involvement of the agencies means the focus is shifted from law enforcement, to support and rehabilitation programs.

Bill Brown, Smith Family Partnership Brokers: “Our job is really to bring together the community groups, education, the parents , business, and anybody else so we can get the kids back on track earning or learning.”

Earlier this year, CRYPAR was introduced into Brisbane North, Pine Rivers and Logan District. Its enormous success has prompted the decision to expand the services into two additional police districts.

Inspector Bruce Graydon, Qld Police: “The city obviously represents different challenges and different needs. So it’s certainly exciting to fill that gap.”

With the school holidays approaching, the expansion of CRYPAR has come at a good time. As Youth’s suddenly have more time on their hands, it is expected there will be a greater need for these support services.

Sinead Butler, QUT News.