Rugby League star Jonathan Thurston is being asked to explain himself after being locked up and arrested on a public nuisance charge in Brisbane.

The Cowboys skipper was arrested early this morning following an alleged altercation with police.

Catherine Niven reports.

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Thurston arrived back in Townsville this afternoon full of apologies.

Jonathan Thurston, Cowboys Halfback: “I’m embarrassed and ashamed of the incident but you know i’m gonna still talk to the club about it and take it from there. I shouldn’t of put myself in that position and I apologise for that.”

Twenty-seven year old Thurston and a second man thought to be former Brisbane rugby league player Nathan Daly were taken to the Roma Street Watchhouse after allegedly wrestling in the middle of George Street and failing to follow police instructions.

It’s alleged Thurston and two others were escorted from the casino at about three-thirty this morning, shortly later they were approached by police.

His North Queensland club saying they need time to process it.

Peter Parr, Cowboys Manager: “We’re going to try to get to the body of what happened and the facts of the matter.”

Thurston was scheduled to play for the Kangaroos in the upcoming Four Nations game against Papua New Guinea.

Thurston and the other man will face court on the sixth of October.

Catherine Niven, QUT News.