Willowbank Raceway will commemorate 25 years of drag racing this weekend.

The occasion is expected to bring thousands together to celebrate the track’s achievements.

Casey Davidson reports.

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Adrenaline and speed, family and devotion, the foundations of Willowbank Raceway, that have kept it strong for a quarter of a century.

Among its achievements the largest championship drag race outside of the United States.

Three-time Australian drag racing champion, Ben Bray, speaks fondly of his memories at the raceway.

Ben Bray, Drag Racing Champion: “I’ve probably raced here for seventeen years of my life, so anything I’ve ever done in drag racing has started here.”

Displays of the vehicles that were in the very first event will be part of the memorabilia and people who were involved in the raceway from day one will be honoured for their dedication.

Steve Bettes, Willowbank Raceway Managing Director: “It’s quite fascinating stuff, the stories are amazing, and that’s really what Sunday’s all about.”

Sue has been there from the beginning.

Sue Syrmis, Administration Manager: “We basically worked here every day for four years.”

Three generations have been involved with the raceway. Its success is a testament to the staff, volunteers, officials, fans and racers that come here year after year.

The drag racing competition will include cars from the 70s and 80s.

Steve Bettes, Willowbank Raceway Managing Director: “They’re very high powered cars, and they’re unpredictable, they’re spectacular and you never know which way they’re going to go when they reach the starting line, it’s quite exciting.”

The anniversary kicks off with a drag racing competition on Saturday with big names like Ben Bray followed by a reunion on Sunday, where members can celebrate all the achievements of the raceway.

Casey Davidson, QUT News.