The skeleton of champion race horse Phar Lap has been unveiled in a Victorian museum.

The exhibition is to mark the 150th anniversary of the Melbourne Cup.

Eleisha Rogers reports.

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On loan from the New Zealand National Museum – Phar Lap’s skeleton has made its way to Australia.

His skeleton’s been placed alongside his hide which has been in the Melbourne Museum since the 1930s.

The skeleton was unveiled marking an historic moment as it’s the first time they’ve been back together since Phar Lap’s death in 1932.

Phar Lap’s hide has been one of the most popular attractions in the museum.

His achievements and mysterious death have made him a national treasure.

Rob Hulls, Victorian Racing Minister: “Some people thought it would never happen, some people thought that it was just too difficult, I have to thank the people of New Zealand, for their generosity, despite the fact it’s a skeleton, and its a hide, it is going to bring to life again the legend of Phar Lap.”

Phar Lap’s remembered for his amazing career. None more spectacular than his win in the 1930 Melbourne Cup by 17 lengths.

He also won the Melbourne Stakes in 1930 and 1931.

The skeleton will be on loan to the museum until the end of January – it’s expected to attract more than three hundred and fifty thousand visitors from around the world.

Eleisha Rogers, QUT News.