The State Government has announced a new cross river rail tunnel in Yeerongpilly which will cut commuter travel times into the CBD in half.

But to build the proposed four-platform station, about 60 houses will need to be knocked down causing resident outrage.

Catherine Niven reports.

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Up to 66 property owners will have to relocate because of the government’s new cross river rail tunnel proposal.

The new station will run alongside the existing stop at Yeerongpilly being the last station before the Cross River Rail trains enter the new ten kilometre tunnel.

Rachel Nolan, Qld Transport Minister: “It is currently proposed that all three levels of government would make funding obligations about the Cross River Rail next year the soonest that it could be built would be following that but as yet no funding decisions has been made so there’s not a specific time frame on which people are sitting.”

A number of areas were considered for the tunnel’s location including Fairfield, Yeronga and Moorooka before the final decision of Yeerongpilly was made.

Many residents are yet to be informed of the decision but some will lose their homes.

Vox 1: “I don’t know where we stand whether we get compensated or anything like that. So I guess that’s a factor for quite a few things.”

Vox 2: “I mean I think what we’ve got now is great for commuters, like I go every day by train, I work in town. And that’s fine I mean I don’t know why they would have to put the tunnel right here.”

The train line will also affect local businesses.

Vox 3: “They can’t just expect a business to close its doors and lose a lot of money and a lot of time and effort too.”

The state government says compensation payouts will be determined on an individual basis.

Residents will get the chance to have their say when public consultation is held in October and November.

Catherine Niven, QUT News.