The first pedestrian bridge has been completed in preparation for the upcoming Gold Coast 600.

The new look race has undergone a massive facelift to make it run more efficiently than ever before.

Rachel Claxton reports.

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The new footbridge marks the first of many promises from organisers of this year’s GC 600.

A new, shorter layout has seen a dramatic decrease in construction time.

Tony Cochrane, Chairman of the Australian V8 Supercar: “We promised from the outset to the Government and to the residents that we would dramatically reduce the build period, today’s living proof of that, normally we would be a month into construction by now.”

This year a total of 9,000 grandstand seats will be erected with more than 62 entry gates to access them.

The shortened track spans just 2.96 km, making it a more visually entertaining race for spectators.

Tony Cochrane,Chairman of the Australian V8 Supercar: “If you’re a motorsport fan, even if you’re only a marginal motorsport fan. If you’re sitting in the grandstand over there, the cars will go past you as much as the old track.”

Organisers of this years event have said that construction will cause minor headaches, but when in comparison with previous years residents should expect a big improvement.”

Vox 1: “It all seems to be going well and it’s a shorter time for setup and takedown so it’s great.”

Vox 2: “I’ve been pleasantly amazed we haven’t had the same traffic congestion we normally get this time of year here.”

The track will now rapidly start to take shape, with less than six weeks until the event kicks off.

Rachel Claxton. QUT News.