A report released today has found that the majority of asthma sufferers do not have the condition under control.

Out of all the age groups, Gen Y were found to be the most sensible about their asthma.

Alicia Ng reports.

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Eighty-five per cent of asthma sufferers believe they have the respiratory condition under control but a new report has revealed most are not fully aware of the severity of their symptoms.

Dr Charles Mitchell, Associate Professor & Asthma Foundation Chairman: “They should be aware that waking at night, using their ventolin or a similar medication more than a few times a week, not being able to exercise normally probably means their asthma is not well controlled.”

Seven out of 10 sufferers experience an asthma attack once a month with those over 35 having three or more.

Last year one in five asthma sufferers ended up in an emergency ward. Experts say this figure is too high.

Dr Charles Mitchell, Associate Professor & Asthma Foundation Chairman: “Its not surprised me but disappointed me in the sense that still breathing tests in people with asthma are not done as often as they should be.”

Out of all the age groups, Gen Y’ers were found to be twice as likely to admit their asthma was out of control and had a more realistic view on their limitations.

Jen Munro, Asthma sufferer: “For me, my mum is on my hammer about it all the time. Don’t go into smokey rooms, make sure you take your puffer, things like that. She’s on my hammer that’s probably half the reason.”

Experts recommend asthma sufferers regularly see their GP to keep their conditions under control.

Alicia Ng, QUT News.