The Queensland Police Service has honoured some of its outstanding officers.

Their bravery in life threatening situations being recognised during a ceremony at the service’s Roma Street Headquarters.

Eleisha Rogers reports.

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More than thirty Queensland police received awards today to recognise their dedication to the service.

Former Constable Andrew Buckley received the prestigious Valour Award for displaying exceptional bravery in responding to a riot in January, 2007.

Bob Atkinson, Qld Police Commissioner: “A. Everyone who deserves recognition gets recognition and B. that recognition is at the appropriate level. And I think we’re not too bad at doing that.”

Constable Cain Sims received the Commissioner’s Commendation for Bravery.

He won the award for preventing a man from committing suicide by setting himself alight at Goodna in November, 2008.

Constable Cain Sims can’t remember much about the incident as he was running on adrenalin.

Constable Cain Sims, Award winner: “I really can’t remember now it was more just to obviously to get the guy and to stop him from lighting the house and himself on fire, so that was really the only thing I was sort of thinking about at the time.”

Sergeant Gregory Hurst was recognised for tasering an armed bandit who was holding up a Strathpine pizza store.

While three officers received the Commissioner’s certificate for dismantling a large scale drug trafficking operation in Rockhampton.

Eleisha Rogers, QUT News.