A Brisbane-based lawyer has inflamed religious tensions, after posting a clip of himself apparently burning pages of religious texts on YouTube.

Alex Stewart, who’s employed at the Queensland University of Technology, posted the video last Friday but has gone to ground today.

Brenda Riley reports.

[flashvideo file=https://www.qutnews.com/uploads/tv-2010-2/20100913-Lawyer-Smokes.flv /]


First it was an American pastor inflaming tensions by wanting to burn the Koran now a Brisbane lawyer added fuel to the fire with his controversial You Tube video.

Alex Stewart, lawyer: “This is Bible test, Bible test number one. I learnt this at university, so this is academically approved.”

Alex Stewart is using pages of the Bible and the Koran to make what resembles a home-made joint.

He then proceeds to smoke them with what he says are “grass clippings” before rating which one “burns better”.

Alex Stewart, lawyer: “Not the best in the world, little bit papery.”

At the end of the 12 minute video, he declares the Bible a ‘”better burner” saying anyone offended by the video is taking life far too seriously.

Alex Stewart, lawyer: “Does it really matter? I guess this is the point with all this c–p. It’s just a f—ing book.”

While QUT doesn’t condone the behaviour, they’ve described the video as a “personal view”.

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils has a slightly different opinion.

Ikebal Patel, Aust Federation of Islamic Councils: “It’s just really, really offensive and you know it’s beyond stupid.”

Keysar Trad, Islamic Friendship Assoc: “I think it’s a copycat grab for publicity and really, it’s something that’s completely unnecessary.”

Mr Stewart is on leave.

Brenda Riley, QUT News.