There are fears universities will suffer under changes to the Education portfolio.

There will now be no minister for education, with tertiary institutions falling under two different ministries.

Camille Bianchi reports.

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Notably absent in Julia Gillard’s new cabinet is the education portfolio.

In its place are three separate ministries; schools, skills and innovation, in a bid to promote research and fill Australia’s tradeworkers shortage.

Experts say introducing portfolio diversity is a positive way to tackle issues in the sector.

Dr Mary Crawford, political expert: “We’d have to say, in education three minds are better than one and that those people would be able to garner wide advice and better advice.”

The new skills minister says the move highlights the Gillard government’s emphasis on education issues.

Chris Evans, Jobs and Skills Minister: “It’s an important agenda for us and the Prime Minister’s basically put an extra cabinet minister into the portfolio.”

Opinions are divided on the effect that a split education ministry will have on universities. Most students feel that the new system will create confusion.

Vox 1: “Things are going to take longer to get through and be pushed through.”

Vox 2: “Yeah – definitely confusing.”

Vox 3: “It might take the focus off Uni and more on to TAFE.”

Students are worried Universities will take a back seat to TAFE and other trade institutions.

Camille Bianchi, QUT News.