In the first major exhibition of its kind… indigenous artists from the remote Aurukun region are set to showcase their work.

The exhibition is titled ‘before time today’ and opens this weekend at the University of Queensland Art Museum.

Natalie Sprott reports.

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From to the big to the small – about 100 very diverse pieces will be on show all with their own cultural significance.

The Art Museum is excited about the exhibition, praising the efforts of the artists.

Dr Sally Butler, Exhibition Curator: “Over the past few years they’ve been producing a volume of spectacular and diverse artworks.”

Many of the artists worked closely with staff at the Aurukun art centre in Far North Queensland and they couldn’t be happier with the result.

Gina Allain, Art Director: “I walked in here today – I cried. I couldn’t stop crying. I’m so pleased, they’re all so proud.”

Aurukun has a population of just under twelve hundred. Organisers of the event are hoping the public take away a feel for what life is like in the small, remote community.

Gina Allain, Art Director: “Even though Aurukun gets alot of bad press, there is some positive things happening and they still maintain their culture.”

The Queensland Government even arranged for high schoolers that grew up in Aurukun, but now go to boarding schools in Brisbane, to come and reunite with their community.

Elizabeth Cowie, Transition Support Services: “Even though they are living in and attending a Brisbane boarding school, they’re still very connected to their culture.”

The exhibition is a free event that will run until the 28th of November.

Natalie Sprott, QUT News.