An estimated 800 competitors gathered at Griffith University to compete in the annual invitational athletics championships for children with a disability.

It was the biggest turn out in the event’s history and even Premier Anna Bligh was there to lend her support.

Imogen Knowles reports.

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Two thousand and ten marks the twenty fourth year of the Gold Coast Cabs Annual Invitational Athletics Championship.

This carnival is the only one if its kind allowing children with any disabilities to participate in.

And friends, parents and fellow students were there to cheer on competitors from thirty three schools.

Anna Bligh, Qld Premier: “They’re a great inspiration to all of us, and ahh, I congratulate all the schools for their involvement.”

The carnival has gone from strength to strength, growing in numbers every year, and it’s a great emotional boost for the children.

Anna-Louise Kassulke, Gold Coast Recreation and Sport Inc: “For a lot of our young people it’s about confidence and self esteem and as the Premier said earlier today, sport is a wonderful opportunity for that to happen.”

Vox 1: “It’s not so much about the winning, what’s it about? It’s about the fun.”

Some of the events the children get to participate in are track sprints, shot put, long jump and wheelchair events.

In nearly two and a half decades this event continues to help children with disabilities to participate and enjoy sport in a supportive environment.

Regardles of who reaches the finish line first, the event is seen as a winner in helping children with disabilities in their everyday lives.

Imogen Knowles, QUT News.