A defiant group of Australian war veterans staged a protest outside Enoggera Barracks over the country’s military role in Afghanistan.

The demonstration was organised by Stand Fast- the national association of war veterans opposing Australia’s ongoing involvement.

Benjamin Leming reports.

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The protesters are calling for an end to Australia’s presence in war torn Afghanistan.

Graeme Dunstan, Protest Organiser: “We want to bring the boys home. We think the best thing we can do for Australian soldiers is to get them out of Afghanistan.”

They say the Government is lying to the Australian people and wants it to come clean.

Graeme Dunstan, Protest Organiser: “Enough of the lies. We say end the lies, end the wars, end the U.S. alliance. Get out of there.”

But both the Australian Government and Federal Opposition have made it clear our troops will remain in Afghanistan until the job is done.

One protester has a message to serving troops.

Hamish Chatts, East Timor Veteran and Protest Organiser: “I’d ask them to seriously look at some of the information out there. To genuinely question the war and to come back in one piece.”

Twenty one Australian soldiers have died in Afghanistan since the combat began. Seven of them were from seventh brigade.

The rally comes at the end of a sombre week for Australia’s forces laying to rest Private Tomas Dale and tomorrow’s funeral of Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney.

Benjamin Leming, QUT News.