After years of wrangling, plans for Brisbane’s first transit orientated development next to Milton station have been unveiled.

Backed by private enterprise and with government support, the high-rise launch coincides with a new poll showing an all time low approval rating for the Premier.

Anna Chisholm reports.

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As part of the South East Queensland Regional Plan this innovative development will include residential apartments, commericial and retail space.

The long awaited project will generate over two hundred and seventy five jobs.

And the pay-off for government?

A five million dollar boost for Milton railway station.

Stirling Hinchliffe, Minister for Infrastructure and Planning: “Significant improvements to the station itself and most particularly improved access to the station.”

Local government approved the plans in return for contribution to public space, parks and footpaths.

Stirling Hinchliffe, Minister for Infrastructure and Planning: “People will be walking more rather hopping in their car to go places.”

Construction of the thirty level tower is expected to start early next year – one story less after local opposition.

Despite the concerns of local residents, the Minister says high density living is the way of the future.

Stirling Hinchliffe, Minister for Infrastructure and Planning: “Transport Orientated Development isn’t about height it’s about access to good qaulity transport and appropriate mixes of uses and appropriate densities.”

And a tough time for the Bligh government facing further voter backlash. The latest Newspoll showing LNP way ahead, and the Greens also up.

Anna Bligh, Qld Premier: “Polls do not determine the Queensland government, the people of Queensland determine who will govern them.”

With the state election eighteen months away she’ll have to work harder to regain voter confidence and the opposition says it will deliver.

John Paul Langbroek, Qld Opposition Leader: “We will roll out policies all the way to the next election to convince those people they can have faith in the government led by me.”

Anna Chisholm, QUT News.