Police officers who ran naked around a Queensland Police Service vehicle at traffic lights in bayside Capalaba last September have received harsh penalties.

Their union is highly critical of the department’s handling of the matter claiming the final decisions were delayed way too long.

Anna Chisholm reports.

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It’s taken the Queensland Police Service almost a year to announce disciplinary action, the officers now facing varying sanctions.

Two sergeants and four senior constables received different internal sanctions.

One officer was temporarily reduced in rank.

Another demoted but the penalty has been suspended.

Ian Stuart, Deputy Commissioner: “Four of the officers have been reduced in pay levels but I have suspended three of those sanctions.”

While the act wasn’t unlawful it’s been deemed inappropriate.

Ian Stewart, Deputy Commissioner: “We have a higher level of accountability and certainly higher standards of expectations for the conduct of our officers.”

But the Queensland Police Union says the penalties were extremely excessive.

Ian Leavers, President QPU: “The penalty is going to be up to thirty thousand dollars, which is 100 times the penalty that any person in the community would receive.”

Ian Leavers, President QPU: “I would consider this to be a minor issue, it should have been handled much quicker than what it has been.”

The officers have returned to operational duties, a decision will be made in the coming weeks whether four officers will return to the Special Emergency Response Team.

Anna Chisholm, QUT News.