Australia Zoo today hosted the release of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation’s new child protection DVD ‘Foundation Red’.

The launch marks almost seven years since Daniel went missing while waiting for a bus on the Sunshine Coast.

Ella Cole reports.

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Foundation Red is a DVD designed to empower families to protect their kids.

The children of Mooloolaba State School helped make the DVD and are now spreading the word about child protection throughout the community.

Vox 1: “If you’re in an uncomfortable position just get out of it and tell a parent.”

The DVD is also backed by many local celebrities and child protection advocates including round-the-world sailer Jessica Watson and Australia Zoo’s Irwin family.

Robert Irwin, Australia Zoo: “I’m a kid and I feel totally safe, and I want everybody else to feel safe.”

But the DVD isn’t only aimed at kids Daniel’s parents say it’s just as important to get their message across to adults.

Denise Morcombe: “They just need to take Daniel’s story as something that could happen to anyone, and tell children to be safe and aware.”

Child Protection advocate Terri Irwin says she is committed to educating adults as well as children.

Terri Irwin, Australi Zoo: “We adults need to watch this DVD to learn. It’s not just for kids.”

Today’s launch is part of Child Protection Week and a fresh inquest into Daniel Morcombe’s disappearance will begin next month.

Ella Cole QUT News.