Brisbane’s finest ambulance workers have been recognised at a ceremony at Breakfast Creek today.

Also recognised for his bravery an 11 year old boy who saved his auntie’s life.

Kieran Rooney reports.

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Winners, both young and old, were recognised for their exceptional service to the community.

11 year old Kye Tanner was awarded the Young Hero of the Year for dialling triple o when his auntie had a seizure.

Kye Tanner, Young Hero Award Winner: “I saw her faint on the floor and I quickly ran inside and I tried to wake up but she just got worse so then I called 000 on her phone.”

Despite the shock, Kye remained calm and used this calmness to save his aunty’s life

Queensland Ambulance Manager Peter McMurtrie says it was danger awareness training that helped Kye.

Peter McMurtie, Queensland Ambulance Manager: “He’s picked something up in his school training that’s enabled him to go to the phone, dial 000 and call for help for someone in need.”

Brendan Maher was excited to win both regional and state awards as a patient transport officer.

Brendan Maher, Patient Transport Officer of the Year: “I love it, it’s really a very good job in the sense that it’s great working with people.”

Emergency Services Minister Neil Roberts says Queensland Ambulances now respond more quickly than any others in the country.

Neil Roberts, Emergency Services Minister: “Queensland ambulance officers are delivering code one responses around 2 minutes faster on average, to fifty percent of the population.”

Ambulance workers will continue to be recognised at further ceremonies for the rest of the week.

Kieran Rooney, QUT News.