The first Australian-bred pineapple, the “Aus-Jubilee”, has made its debut today after 15 years in the making.

It has twice the vitamin-C of normal pineapples.

Imogen Knowles reports.

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This could be the new pineapple we eat this summer.

Consumers are expected to enjoy the Aus-Jubilee’s aromatic flavour, low acidity, firm flesh and good colour.

Resistant to black heart and other problems like bruising, expectations are high.

Todd Parker, Business Manager Favco Queensland: “It’s sweeter, it’s got a higher vitamin C content than what you would normally find, and it’s more consistent.”

Taste testers seem to enjoy the new fruit.

Vox 1: “Ummm, it was beautiful. It was really sweet and crunchy as well. It was nice. It’s hard to find a nice juicy pineapple these days.”

Vox 2: “I think it’s a delicious pineapple. It’s very very sweet.”

The pineapple was developed by cross-pollination between thousands of seedlings grown from the imported Hawaiian variety and the common pineapple, Smooth Cayenne.

This pineapple is specifically bred for Queensland conditions and is the first of three types expected to boost the seventy million dollar pineapple industry.

The Aus-Jubilee will cost no more than the average pineapple and is available in selected supermarkets until the end of season next month.

Imogen Knowles, QUT News.