After more than a fortnight of waiting Australia has got a new Government.

Two of three Independent Politicians confirmed Julia Gillard as Prime Minister with Labor anointed as the Party to lead Australia’s Federal Parliament.

Anna Chisholm reports.

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In the longest run for office Australia has seen, country Independents Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor today revealed their crucial votes were for Labor.

Labor will form a minority government, after their decision secured them 76 seats in parliament.

Bob Katter broke ranks, confirming he would back the Coalition.

Bob Katter, Independent: “They’re position is more complex and they were still discussing it.”

Mr Katter’s decision to back the Coalition was based on a 20-point plan, the party providing preferred policy on broadband, Indigenous issues and ethanol.

For Tony Windsor it was the National Broadband Network, connecting millions of country Australians that got his vote.

Seeing enormous opportunity in the climate change debate.

Tony Windsor, Independent: “It is obvious to me that regional Australia would be a major beneficiary of a lot of the renewable energy resources.”

And the Independent’s new reform package a positive step forward.

Rob Oaskeshott, Independent: “Re-commitment to the 150 members of parliament, the role that they play, the importance as the foundation blocks of our democracy.”

Parliament is unlikely to sit for several weeks until results from the election are finalised.

Anna Chisholm, QUT News.